Pavlov's Dog / At the Sound of the Bell


Released 04.1976
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. She Came Shining (4:24)
(#/David Surkamp/Doug Rayburn)
A2. Standing Here With You (3:47)
(#/David Surkamp)
A3. Mersey (3:03)
(#/David Surkamp/Stephen Scorfina)
A4. Valkerie (5:22)
(#/David Surkamp)
B1. Try to Hang on (2:08)
(#/David Surkamp)
B2. Gold Nuggets (3:25)
(#/David Surkamp)
B3. She Breaks Like a Morning Sky (2:22)
(#/David Surkamp/Doug Rayburn)
B4. Early Morning on (3:21)
(#/David Surkamp/Doug Rayburn)
B5. Did You See Him Cry (5:36)
(#/David Surkamp/Doug Rayburn)
Album ID 221
Production Murray Krugman (Producer); Samuel Pearlman (Producer)
Studio New York, Record Plant Studios (Recording Location); London, Ramport and Scorpio Studios (Mixing Location)
Band Member David Surkamp (Vocals/Guitar); Doug Rayburn (Bass Guitar/Percussion); Stephen Scorfina (Guitar); David Hamilton (Keyboards); Rick Stockton (Bass Guitar); Thomas Nickeson (Guitar)
Guest Musician Bill Bruford (Drums & Percussion); Michael Brecker (Saxophone); Andrew Mackay (Saxophone); George Gerich (Organ); Gavin Wright (Violin); Paul Prestopino (Mandolin); Mountain Fjord Orchestra (Orchestra); Mike Abene (Organ); Elliot Randall (Guitar); High Wycombe Boys Choir (Vocals-Backing)

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