Phil Collins / Face Value


Released 09.02.1981
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. In the Air Tonight (5:30)
(#/Phil Collins)
A2. This Must Be Love (3:55)
(#/Phil Collins)
A3. Behind the Lines (3:54)
(#/Phil Collins/Mike Rutherford/Tony Banks)
A4. The Roof is Leaking (3:17)
(#/Phil Collins)
A5. Droned [Instrumental] (2:50)
(Phil Collins)
A6. Hand in Hand (5:15)
(Phil Collins)
B1. I Missed Again (3:40)
(#/Phil Collins)
B2. You Know What I Mean (2:32)
(#/Phil Collins)
B3. Thunder and Lightning (4:12)
(#/Phil Collins)
B4. I'm Not Moving (2:32)
(#/Phil Collins)
B5. If Leaving Me is Easy (4:53)
(#/Phil Collins)
B6. Tomorrow Never Knows (4:44)
(#/John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
Album ID 98
Production Phil Collins (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Old Croft (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Townhouse and Village Recorder (Recording Location)
Band Member Phil Collins (Vocals/Drums & Percussion); Eric Clapton (Guitar); Stephen E. Bishop (Vocals-Backing); L. Shankar (Violin); Daryl Steurmer (Guitar); Earth Wind & Fire (Horn)

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