Iron Maiden / Edward the Great: The Greatest Hits


Released 04.11.2002
Discography Compilation
Format CD
Label EMI
1. Run to the Hills (3:57)
(#/Steve Harris)
2. The Number of the Beast (4:53)
(#/Steve Harris)
3. Flight of Icarus (3:52)
(#/Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson)
4. The Trooper (4:12)
(#/Steve Harris)
5. 2 Minutes to Midnight (6:01)
(#/Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson)
6. Wasted Years (5:07)
(#/Adrian Smith)
7. Can I Play With Madness (3:31)
(#/Steve Harris/Bruce Dickinson/Dave Murray)
8. The Evil That Men Do (4:34)
(#/Steve Harris/Bruce Dickinson/Dave Murray)
9. The Clairvoyant (4:27)
(#/Steve Harris)
10. Infinite Dreams (6:11)
(#/Steve Harris)
11. Holy Smoke (3:48)
(#/Steve Harris/Bruce Dickinson)
12. Bring Your Daughter... To the Slaughter (4:44)
(#/Bruce Dickinson)
13. Man on the Edge (4:13)
(#/Janick Gers/Blaze Bayley)
14. Futureal (2:56)
(#/Steve Harris/Blaze Bayley)
15. The Wicker Man (4:34)
(#/Steve Harris/Adrian Smith/Bruce Dickinson)
16. Fear of the Dark [Live] (8:04)
(#/Steve Harris)
Album ID 968
Studio Nassau, Bahamas, Compass Point Studios (Recording Location); München, Musicland Studios (Recording Location); Paris, Studio Guillaume Tell (Recording Location)
Band Member Steve Harris (Vocals/Bass Guitar/Keyboards); Clive Burr (Drums & Percussion); Dave Murray (Guitar); Adrian Smith (Guitar/Vocals); Bruce Dickinson (Vocals); Nicko McBrain (Drums & Percussion); Janick Gers (Guitar); Blaze Bayley (Vocals)

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