Cher & Sonny / Greatest Hits


Released 1972
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Midi
A1. The Beat Goes on (3:23)
A2. What Now My Love (3:15)
(#/Gilbert Bécaud/Carl Sigman/Pierre Delanoe)
A3. I Got You Babe (3:09)
A4. Little Man (3:15)
A5. Just You (3:25)
A6. Let it Be Me (2:27)
(Gilbert Bécaud/Pierre Delanoe/Mann Curtis)
B1. A Beautiful Story (2:40)
B2. It´s the Little Things (3:31)
B3. But You´re Mine (3:00)
B4. Sing C'est La Vie (3:37)
(#/Sonny/Charles Green/Bob Stone)
B5. Laugh at Me (2:50)
B6. Living for You (3:30)
Album ID 92

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