Canned Heat / Live at Topanga Corral


Released 1973
Discography Live
Venue L.A. - Kaleidoscope Nightclub
Venue Date 1969
Format LP
Label Metronome
A1. Bullfrog Blues [Live] (7:21)
(#/Bob "The Bear" Hite/Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson/Henry Vestine/Larry Taylor/Frank Cook)
A2. Sweet Sixteen [Live] (10:57)
(#/B.B. King/Joe Bihari)
A3. I'd Rather Be the Devil [Live] (5:10)
(#/Skip James)
B1. Dust My Broom [Live] (5:46)
(#/Robert Johnson/Elmore James)
B2. Wish You Would [Live] (8:03)
(#/Billy Boy Arnold)
B3. (When Things Go Wrong) It Hurts Me Too [Live] (9:08)
(#/Hudson Whittaker)
Album ID 88
Production Mike Vernon (Producer)
Band Member Bob "The Bear" Hite (Vocals-Lead); Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson (Guitar/Vocals/Harp); Henry Vestine (Guitar); Larry Taylor (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Frank Cook (Drums & Percussion); James Thomas (Bass Guitar); Jesse Edwin Davis (Guitar-Electric/Piano); Ryland P. Cooder (Guitar-Electric/Mandolin); Sanford Konikoff (Drums & Percussion); Taj Mahal (Vocals/Harp); Bill Boatman (Guitar-Electric); Charles Blackwell (Drums & Percussion); Gary Gilmore (Bass Guitar)

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