Rod Stewart / Human


Released 12.03.2001
Discography 19th Studio Album
Format CD
Label Atlantic
1. Human (3:48)
(#/Connor Reeves/Karl Gordon)
2. Smitten (5:00)
(#/Macy Gray/Jeremy Ruzumna/David Wilder/Arik Marshall)
3. Don't Come Around Here (3:49)
(#/Jackie Joyce/Paul Barry/Mark Taylor/Kenny Thomas)
4. Soul on Soul (4:30)
(#/Marc Jordan/John Capek)
5. Loveless (4:00)
(#/Connor Reeves/David Frank)
6. If I Had You (4:18)
(#/Andrew Davis/Sergei Rachmaninoff)
7. Charlie Parker Loves Me (4:41)
(#/Marc Jordan/John Capek)
8. It Was Love That We Needed (4:11)
(#/Curtis Mayfield)
9. To Be Whit You (3:56)
(#/Raul Malo)
10. Run Back Into Your Arms (3:26)
(#/Graham Stack/John Reid/Brian Rawling)
11. I Can't Deny it (3:44)
(#/Gregg Alexander/Rick Nowels)
Album ID 814
Production Annie Challis (Producer); Arnold Stiefel (Producer); Rob Dickins (Executive Producer); Stephen Marcussen (Mastering); Larl (K-Gee) Gordon (Producer); Dennis Charles (Producer/Mixing); Mark Taylor (Producer/Mixing); Christopher Neil (Producer); Rod Stewart (Producer); Steve Churchyard (Mixing/Engineer); Brian Rawling (Producer); Graham Stack (Producer); Danielle Brisebois (Associate Producer); Gregg Alexander (Producer); Michael Brauer (Mixing); Rick Nowels (Associate Producer)
Studio Stephen Marcussen Mastering (Mastering Location); New York, RPM Studios (Mixing Location); London, Metropolis Studios (Recording Location); London, Olympic Studios (Mixing Location); Los Angeles, Record One Studios (Recording Location); Ft. Lauderdale, Riverside Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Michelle Escoffery (Vocals-Backing); Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar (Vocals-Backing); Connor Reeves (Vocals-Backing); Nick Richards (Drums & Percussion/Bass Guitar); Pino Palladino (Bass Guitar); Robbie Macintosh (Guitar-Electric); Steve Pigott (Keyboards); Alexandra Brown (Vocals-Backing); Chris Pelcer (Bass Guitar); Jackie Sinley-Stevens (Vocals-Backing); Jeff Poseto (Vocals-Backing); Karl Carwell (Vocals-Backing); Mark Knopfler (Guitar-Electric); Sue-Anne Carwell (Vocals-Backing); Yvonne Williams (Vocals-Backing); Jesse Johnson (Guitar-Electric); Joe Turano (Vocals-Backing); Danielle Brisebois (Vocals-Backing); Jackie Simley Stevenson (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Slash (Guitar)

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