Guns N' Roses / Use Your Illusion I


Released 17.09.1991
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Geffen
Use your Illusion I (LP 1)
A1. Right Next Door to Hell (3:03)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Axl Rose/Timo Caltia)
A2. Dust N' Bones (4:58)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Slash/Duff McKagan)
A3. Live and Let Die (3:04)
(#/Paul McCartney/Linda McCartney)
A4. Don't Cry [Unedited Original Version] (4:45)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Axl Rose)
A5. Percfect Crime (2:24)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Axl Rose/Slash)
B1. You Ain't the First (2:36)
(#/Izzy Stradlin)
B2. Bad Obsession (5:28)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/West Arkeen)
B3. Back Off Bitch (5:04)
(#/Axl Rose/Paul Huge)
B4. Double Talkin' Jive (3:24)
(#/Izzy Stradlin)
Use Your Illusion I (LP 2)
A1. November Rain (8:57)
(#/Axl Rose)
A2. The Garden (5:22)
(#/Axl Rose/West Arkeen/Del James)
A3. Garden of Eden (2:42)
(#/Axl Rose/Slash)
A4. Don't Damn Me (5:19)
(#/Axl Rose/Slash/Dave Lank)
B1. Bad Apples (4:28)
(#/Axl Rose/Slash/Duff McKagan/Izzy Stradlin)
B2. Dead Horse (4:18)
(#/Axl Rose)
B3. Coma (10:14)
(#/Axl Rose/Slash)
Album ID 454
Production Mike Clink (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Record Plant (Recording Location); Los Angeles, A&M Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Slash (Guitar); Izzy Stradlin (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Duff McKagan (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Dizzy Reed (Keyboards/Piano/Vocals-Backing); Matt Sorum (Drums & Percussion); Axl Rose (Vocals)

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