Simon & Garfunkel / Bridge Over Troubled Water


Released 26.01.1970
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Bridge Over Troubled Water (4:52)
(#/Paul Simon)
A2. El Condor Pasa (3:06)
(#/Paul Simon/Daniel Alomía Robles)
A3. Cecilia (2:55)
(#/Paul Simon)
A4. Keep the Customer Satisfied (2:33)
(#/Paul Simon)
A5. So Long Frank Lloyd Wright (3:41)
(#/Paul Simon)
B1. The Boxer (5:08)
(#/Paul Simon)
B2. Baby Driver (3:15)
(#/Paul Simon)
B3. The Only Living Boy in New York (3:57)
(#/Paul Simon)
B4. Why Don't You Write Me (2:45)
(#/Paul Simon)
B5. Bye Bye Love (2:55)
(#/Boudleaux Bryant/Felice Bryant)
B6. Song for the Asking (1:39)
(#/Paul Simon)
B7. Feuilles-O [Bonus] (1:45)
(#/Paul Simon)
B8. Bridge Over Troubled Water [Previously Unrealeased - Demo/Bonus] (4:46)
(#/Paul Simon)
Album ID 441
Production Rick Rubin (Producer)
Studio Nashville, TN - Cash Cabin Studio (Recording Location)

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