The Temptations / Get Ready


Released 1966
Discography Compilation
Format LP
Label Sounds Superb
A1. Get Ready (2:38)
(#/Smokey Robinson)
A2. Say You (2:30)
A3. Everybody Needs Love (2:55)
(#/Norman Whitfield/Edward "Eddie" Holland, Jr.)
A4. You've Got to Earn it (2:34)
(#/Smokey Robinson/Cornelius Grant)
A5. Born to Love You (2:36)
A6. You're the One I Need (2:25)
B1. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (2:39)
(#/Barrett Strong/Norman Whitfield/Janie Bradford)
B2. Fading Away (2:37)
(#/Smokey Robinson)
B3. It's a Lonley World Without Your Love (2:33)
(#/Ivory Joe Hunter/William "Mickey" Stevenson)
B4. I Gotta Know You (2:34)
(#/Paul Evans)
B5. Just Another Lonley Night (2:58)
(#/Smokey Robinson)
B6. You'll Lose a Precious Love (2:34)
(#/Smokey Robinson)
Album ID 440

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