Guns N' Roses / G N' R Lies


Released 29.11.1988
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Geffen
1. Reckless Life [Live] (3:21)
(#/Axl Rose/Izzy Stradlin/Chris Weber)
2. Nice Boys [Live] (3:04)
(#/Angry Anderson/Mick Cocks/Geordie Leach/Peter Wells)
3. Move to the City [Live] (3:43)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Chris Weber/Del James)
4. Mama Kin [Live] (3:57)
(#/Steven Tyler)
5. Patience (5:56)
(#/Axl Rose/Izzy Stradlin)
6. Used to Love Her (3:13)
(#/Izzy Stradlin/Slash)
7. You're Crazy (4:10)
(#/Axl Rose/Izzy Stradlin/Slash)
8. One in a Million (6:09)
(#/Axl Rose)
Album ID 349
Production Mike Clink (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Pasha Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Rumbo Records (Recording Location)
Band Member Axl Rose (Vocals); Slash (Guitar); Izzy Stradlin (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Duff McKagan (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Steven Adler (Drums & Percussion)

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