Grateful Dead / Go to Heaven


Released 28.04.1980
Discography 11th Studio Album
Venue San Rafael, CA, Club Front
Format CD
Label Arista
1. Alabama Getaway (3:37)
(#/Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
2. Far From Me (3:40)
(#/Brent Mydland)
3. Althea (6:54)
(#/Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter)
4. Feel Like a Stranger (5:10)
(#/Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow)
5. Lost Sailor (5:54)
(#/Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow)
6. Saint of Circumstance (5:40)
(#/Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow)
7. Antwerp`s Placebo [Instrumental] (0:39)
(Bill Kreutzmann/Mickey Hart)
8. Easy to Love You (3:41)
(#/Brent Mydland/John Perry Barlow)
9. Don't Ease Me In (3:15)
Album ID 341
Production Gary Lyons (Producer)
Band Member Jerry Garcia (Vocals/Guitar); Brent Mydland (Keyboards); Bill Kreutzmann (Drums & Percussion); Bob Weir (Vocals/Guitar); Phil Lesh (Bass Guitar); Mickey Hart (Percussion)

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