Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band / Like a Rock


Released 14.04.1986
Discography 13th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Capitol Records
A1. American Storm (4:00)
(#/Bob Seger)
A2. Like a Rock (5:54)
(#/Bob Seger)
A3. Miami (4:39)
(#/Bob Seger)
A4. The Ring (5:32)
(#/Bob Seger)
B1. Tightrope (4:30)
(#/Bob Seger/Craig Frost)
B2. The Aftermath (3:28)
(#/Bob Seger/Craig Frost)
B3. Sometimes (3:30)
(#/Bob Seger)
B4. It's You (4:01)
(#/Bob Seger)
B5. Somewhere Tonight (4:21)
(#/Bob Seger)
Album ID 3.295
Production Punch Andrews (Producer); Bob Seger (Producer); David N. Cole (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Capitol Studios (Recording Location); Miami, FL - Criteria Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Bob Seger (Vocals/Guitar); Craig Frost (Piano/Synthesizer); Chris Campbell (Bass Guitar); Alto Reed (Saxophone/Flute/Organ)

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