Bonnie Raitt / Nine Lives


Released 1986
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. No Way to Treat a Lady (3:52)
(#/Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)
A2. Runnin' Back to Me (4:16)
(#/Karla Bonoff/Ira Ingber)
A3. Who But a Fool (Thief Into Paradise) (4:23)
(#/Tom Snow/Nan O'Byrne)
A4. Crime of Passion (4:19)
(#/Danny Ironstone/Mary Unobsky)
A5. All Day, All Night (4:01)
(#/James "Hutch" Hutchinson/Ivan Neville/Ronald Jones)
B1. Stand Up to the Night (4:42)
(#/Will Jennings/Richard Kerr/J. A. C. Redford)
B2. Excited (3:11)
(#/Jerry Lynn Williams)
B3. Freezin' (For a Little Human Love) (4:52)
(Micheal Smotherman)
B4. True Love is Hard to Find (4:35)
(#/Toots Hibbert)
B5. Angel (4:02)
(#/Eric Kaz)
Album ID 3.253
Production Bill Payne (Producer); George Massenburg (Producer); Steve Tyrell (Producer); Rob Fraboni (Producer)
Band Member Bonnie Raitt (Vocals/Guitar); Michael Landau (Guitar); Dean Parks (Guitar); John Robinson (Drums & Percussion); Bill Payne (Keyboards); Nathan East (Bass Guitar); Rosemary Butler (Vocals-Backing); Max Carl Gronenthal (Vocals-Backing); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass Guitar); Tower of Power (Horn); Ira Ingber (Guitar); Russ Kunkel (Drums & Percussion); Lenny Castro (Percussion); Carlos Vega (Drums & Percussion); Leland Sklar (Bass Guitar); Ivan Neville (Vocals-Backing); J. A. C. Redford (Keyboards); Guy Moon (Keyboards); Ian Wallace (Drums & Percussion); Ian McLagan (Keyboards); Ray Ohara (Bass Guitar); Blondie Chaplin (Vocals-Backing); Sippie Wallace (Vocals-Backing); Eric Kaz (Piano); Todd Sharp (Vocals-Backing)
Guest Musician Christine Mcvie (Vocals-Backing)

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