Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys


Released 1970
Discography Live
Venue New York, Fillmore East
Format LP
Label Experience Hendrix
A1. Who Knows [Live] (9:32)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
A2. Machine Gun [Live] (12:33)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
B1. Changes [Live] (5:10)
(#/Buddy Miles)
B2. Power to Love [Live] (6:53)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
B3. Message to Love [Live] (5:22)
(#/Jimi Hendrix)
B4. We Gotta Live Together [Live] (5:46)
(#/Buddy Miles)
Album ID 3.251
Production Wally Heider (Producer); Eddie Kramer (Engineer)
Band Member Jimi Hendrix (Vocals/Guitar); Billy Cox (Bass Guitar); Buddy Miles (Drums & Percussion)

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