Baker Gurvitz Army / Hearts on Fire


Released 1976
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label ATCO Records
A1. Hearts on Fire (2:30)
(Ginger Baker)
A2. Neon Lights (4:35)
A3. Smiling (3:12)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
A4. Tracks of My Life (4:40)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
A5. Flying in and Out of Stardom (2:17)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
B1. Dancing the Night Away (3:25)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
B2. My Mind is Healing (3:50)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
B3. Thirsty for the Blues (5:15)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
B4. Night People (3:19)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
B5. Mystery (4:02)
Album ID 3.199
Production Eddie Offord (Producer)
Studio London, The Point Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Ginger Baker (Drums & Percussion/Vocals); Adrian Gurvitz (Piano/Guitar); Paul Gurvitz (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Snips (Vocals)
Guest Musician Madeline Bell (Vocals-Backing); Irene Chanter (Vocals-Backing)

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