Rod Stewart / A Night on the Town


Released 18.06.1976
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. Tonight's the Night (3:55)
(#/Rod Stewart)
A2. The First Cut is the Deepest (4:38)
(#/Cat Stevens)
A3. Fool for You (3:50)
(#/Rod Stewart)
A4. The Killing of Georgie (Part I and II) (6:51)
(#/Rod Stewart)
B1. The Balltrap (4:40)
(#/Rod Stewart)
B2. Pretty Flamingo (3:27)
(#/Mark Barkan)
B3. Big Bayou (3:56)
(#/Gib Guilbeau)
B4. The Wild Side of Life (5:05)
(#/Arlie Carter/William Warren)
B5. Trade Winds (5:17)
(#/Ralph MacDonald/William Salter)
Album ID 3.190
Production Tom Dowd (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Cherokee Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Rod Stewart (Vocals); Donald "Duck" Dunn (Bass Guitar); Bob Glaub (Bass Guitar); David Hood (Bass Guitar); Willie Weeks (Bass Guitar); Leland Sklar (Bass Guitar); Steve Cropper (Guitar); Billy Peek (Guitar); Don Walsh (Guitar); Jesse Edwin Davis (Guitar); David Lindley (Guitar); Fred Tackett (Guitar); John Barlow Jarvis (Keyboards); David Foster (Keyboards); Barry Beckett (Keyboards); Roger Hawkins (Drums & Percussion); Andy Newmark (Drums & Percussion); Al Jackson, Jr. (Drums & Percussion); Rick Schlosser (Drums & Percussion); Tommy Vig (Percussion); Joe Lala (Percussion); Tower of Power (French Horn); Plas Johnson (Saxophone); Jerry Jumonville (Saxophone)

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