Atlantis / Get on Board


Released 1975
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Venus
A1. Get on Board (3:45)
(#/Frank Diez)
A2. Change My Mind (4:32)
(Adrian Askew)
A3. The Man (3:46)
(Adrian Askew/Karl Heinz Schott)
A4. Let Me Stay for a While (3:58)
(Frank Diez)
B1. Keep the Music Going on (2:50)
(Adrian Askew/Rainer Marz)
B2. Chartbuster (3:10)
(Frank Diez)
B3. The Captain and the Ship (3:44)
(Inga Rumpf)
B4. If I Couldn't Sing (3:37)
(Inga Rumpf)
B5. Tried to Climb a Mountain (4:33)
(Adrian Askew/Rainer Marz)
B6. Mainline Florida [Bonus] (2:56)
(George Terry)
Album ID 3.169
Production Frank Diez (Producer)
Band Member Frank Diez (Vocals/Guitar); Karl Heinz Schott (Bass Guitar); Ringo Funk (Drums & Percussion); Rainer Marz (Guitar/Vocals); Adrian Askew (Keyboards); Inga Rumpf (Vocals)

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