Lindisfarne / Nicely Out of Tune


Released 11.1970
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Philips
A1. Lady Eleanor (4:13)
(Alan Hull)
A2. Road to Kingdom Come (4:10)
(Rod Clements)
A3. Winter Song (5:07)
(Alan Hull)
A4. Turn a Deaf Ear (3:54)
(Rab Noakes)
A5. Clear White Light - Part 2 (4:03)
(Alan Hull)
B1. We Can Swing Together (5:45)
(Alan Hull)
B2. Alan in the River with Flowers (3:05)
(Alan Hull)
B3. Down (3:07)
(Alan Hull)
B4. The Things I Should Have Said (4:00)
(Rod Clements)
B5. Jackhammer Blues (3:20)
(Woodie Guthrie)
B6. Scarecrow Song (3:21)
(Alan Hull)
Album ID 3.157
Production John Anthony (Producer)
Band Member Alan Hull (Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards); Ray Jackson (Mandolin/Harmonica); Rod Clements (Guitar/Violin/Bass Guitar); Simon Cowe (Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo/Keyboards); Ray Laidlaw (Drums & Percussion)

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