Yes / The Quest


Released 01.10.2021
Discography 22nd Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Inside Out Music
The Quest (LP 1)
A1. The Ice Bridge (6:59)
(#/Jon Davison/Geoff Downes/Francis Monkman)
A2. Dare to Know (5:56)
(#/Steve Howe)
A3. Minus the Man (5:34)
(#/Jon Davison/Billy Sherwood)
B1. Leave Well Alone (8:05)
(#/Steve Howe)
B2. The Western Edge (4:24)
(#/Jon Davison/Billy Sherwood)
B3. Future Memories (5:08)
(#/Jon Davison)
The Quest (LP 2)
A1. Music to My Ears (4:39)
(#/Steve Howe)
A2. A Living Island (6:47)
(#/Jon Davison/Geoff Downes)
B1. Sister Sleeping Soul (4:48)
(#/Jon Davison/Steve Howe)
B2. Mystery Tour (3:33)
(#/Steve Howe)
B3. Damaged World (5:18)
(#/Steve Howe)
Album ID 3.138
Production Steve Howe (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Sound City Studios (Recording Location); Ardingly, West Sussex, Curtis Schwartz Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Steve Howe (Guitar-Electric); Alan White (Drums & Percussion); Jon Davison (Vocals/Guitar); Billy Sherwood (Bass Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals-Backing); Geoff Downes (Piano/Organ/Keyboards)

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