Band of Horses / Mirage Rock


Released 14.09.2012
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Columbia
A1. Knock Knock (3:58)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Bill Reynolds)
A2. How to Live (3:27)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Bill Reynolds)
A3. Slow Cruel Hands of Time (3:50)
(#/Ben Bridwell)
A4. A Little Biblical (2:54)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Bill Reynolds)
A5. Shut-In Tourist (4:09)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Tyler Ramsey)
A6. Dumpster World (3:43)
(#/Ben Bridwell)
B1. Electric Music (3:32)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Bill Reynolds)
B2. Everything's Gonna Be Undone (3:19)
(#/Tyler Ramsey)
B3. Feud (2:56)
(#/Ben Bridwell)
B4. Long Vows (3:43)
(#/Ben Bridwell)
B5. Heartbreak on the 101 (4:01)
(#/Ben Bridwell/Bill Reynolds/Tyler Ramsey)
Album ID 3.124
Production Glyn Johns (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Sunset Sound Recorders (Recording Location)
Band Member Ben Bridwell (Guitar/Vocals); Creighton Barrett (Drums & Percussion); Ryan Monroe (Keyboards/Vocals/Guitar); Bill Reynolds (Bass Guitar); Tyler Ramsey (Piano/Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica)

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