Anathema / Weather Systems


Released 16.04.2012
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Kscope
Weather Systems (Disc 1)
A1. Untouchable Part 1 (6:14)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
A2. Untouchable Part 2 (5:34)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
B1. The Gathering of the Clouds (3:28)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
B2. Lightning Song (5:26)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
B3. Sunlight (4:54)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
Weather Systems (Disc 2)
A1. The Storm Before the Calm (9:23)
(#/Lee Douglas)
A2. The Beginning and the End (4:53)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
B1. The Lost Child (7:03)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
B2. Internal Landscapes (8:51)
(#/Daniel Cavanagh)
Album ID 3.122
Production Daniel Cavanagh (Producer); Vincent Cavanagh (Producer)
Band Member Daniel Cavanagh (Guitar/Vocals); Vincent Cavanagh (Guitar); John Douglas (Drums & Percussion); Lee Douglas (Vocals)

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