Frank Zappa ' The Mothers of Invention / One Size Fits All


Released 25.06.1975
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Discreet
A1. Inca Roads (8:45)
(#/Frank Zappa)
A2. Can't Afford No Shoes (2:37)
(#/Frank Zappa)
A3. Sofa No. 1 [Instrumental] (2:38)
(Frank Zappa)
A4. Po-Jama People (7:38)
(#/Frank Zappa)
B1. Florentine Pogen (5:23)
(#/Frank Zappa)
B2. Evelyn, a Modified Dog (1:05)
(#/Frank Zappa)
B3. San Ber'dino (5:51)
(#/Frank Zappa)
B4. Andy (6:03)
(#/Frank Zappa)
B5. Sofa No. 2 (2:38)
(#/Frank Zappa)
Album ID 3.108
Production Frank Zappa (Producer)
Band Member Frank Zappa (Guitar/Vocals); George Duke (Keyboards/Vocals/Synthesizer); Napoleon Murphy Brock (Flute/Saxophone/Vibraphone/Vocals); Ruth Underwood (Percussion); Chester C. Thompson (Drums & Percussion); Tom Fowler (Bass Guitar); James "Bird Legs" Youman (Bass Guitar); Johnny "Guitar" Watson (Vocals)
Guest Musician Captain Beefheart (Harmonica)

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