Alice Cooper / Special Forces


Released 30.06.1981
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. Who Do You Think We Are (4:20)
(#/Alice Cooper/Duane Hitchings)
A2. Seven & Seven is (2:41)
(#/Arthur Lee)
A3. Prettiest Cop on the Block (3:13)
(#/Alice Cooper/Davey Johnstone/Fred Mandel)
A4. Don't Talk Old to Me (2:54)
(#/Alice Cooper/Davey Johnstone/Fred Mandel)
A5. Generation Landslide '81 (Live) (3:53)
(#/Alice Cooper/Glen Buxton/Michael Bruce/Dennis Dunaway/Neal Smith)
B1. Skeletons in the Closet (3:43)
(#/Alice Cooper/Duane Hitchings)
B2. You Want It, You Got it (3:14)
(#/Alice Cooper/Erik Scott/Craig Krampf/Billy Steele/Eric Kaz)
B3. You Look Good in Rags (3:34)
(#/Alice Cooper/Duane Hitchings)
B4. You're a Movie (3:36)
(#/Alice Cooper/Duane Hitchings)
B5. Vicious Rumours (3:43)
(#/Alice Cooper/Duane Hitchings/Erik Scott/Mike Pinera)
Album ID 3.103
Production Richard Podolor (Producer)
Studio Calabasas, CA, American Recording CO (Recording Location)
Band Member Erik Scott (Bass Guitar); Alice Cooper (Vocals); Duane Hitchings (Keyboards); Danny Johnson (Guitar); Craig Krampf (Drums & Percussion); Mike Pinera (Guitar)

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