Caravan / Back to Front


Released 07.1982
Discography 10th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Kingdom Records
A1. Back to Herne Bay Front (5:55)
(#/Richard Sinclair)
A2. Bet You Wanna Take it All / Hold on Hold on (5:20)
(#/Pye Hastings)
A3. A. A. Man (5:02)
(#/Richard Sinclair)
A4. Videos of Hollywood (5:11)
(#/David Sinclair/John Murphy)
B1. Sally Don't Change it (4:06)
(#/David Sinclair)
B2. All Aboard (4:08)
(#/Pye Hastings)
B3. Taken My Breath Away (4:52)
(#/Pye Hastings)
B4. Proper Job / Back to Front (8:19)
(#/David Sinclair)
Album ID 3.101
Production Pye Hastings (Producer); Richard Coughlan (Producer); David Sinclair (Producer); Richard Sinclair (Producer)
Studio Kent, Herrne Bay, Dark Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Pye Hastings (Guitar/Vocals); Richard Coughlan (Drums & Percussion); David Sinclair (Keyboards/Synthesizer/Piano); Richard Sinclair (Vocals/Bass Guitar)

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