Neil Young ' Crazy Horse / Life


Released 06.07.1987
Discography Live
Venue Universal City, Universal Amphitheatre
Format LP
Label Geffen
A1. Mideast Vacation [Live] (4:22)
(#/Neil Young)
A2. Long Walk Home [Live] (4:57)
(#/Neil Young)
A3. Around the World [Live] (5:29)
(#/Neil Young)
A4. Inca Queen [Live] (8:02)
(#/Neil Young)
B1. Too Lonely [Live] (2:49)
(#/Neil Young)
B2. Prisoners of Rock N' Roll [Live] (3:14)
(#/Neil Young)
B3. Cryin' Eyes [Live] (2:52)
(#/Neil Young)
B4. When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (5:18)
(#/Neil Young)
B5. We Never Danced (3:38)
(#/Neil Young)
Album ID 3.068
Production Neil Young (Producer); David Briggs (Producer); Jack Nitzsche (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Record One Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Neil Young (Vocals/Harmonica/Guitar); Billy Talbot (Bass Guitar); Ralph Molina (Drums & Percussion/Vocals-Backing); Frank "Poncho" Sampedro (Guitar/Mandolin)

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