Alice Cooper / Constrictor


Released 22.09.1986
Discography 09th Studio Album
Format LP
Label MCA
A1. Teenage Frankenstein (3:37)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
A2. Give it Up (4:10)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
A3. Thrill My Gorilla (3:06)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
A4. Life and Death of the Party (3:43)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
A5. Simple Disobedience (3:28)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
B1. The World Needs Guts (3:58)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
B2. Trick Bag (4:14)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts/Michael Wagener)
B3. Crawlin' (3:21)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts)
B4. The Great American Success Story (3:36)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts/Beau Hill)
B5. He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) (3:50)
(#/Alice Cooper/Kane Roberts/Tom Kelly)
Album ID 3.062
Production Beau Hill (Producer)
Studio New York, Atlantic Studios (Recording Location); Los Angeles, Amigo Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Alice Cooper (Vocals); Kane Roberts (Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals-Backing); Kip Winger (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Beau Hill (Vocals-Backing); Paul Delph (Keyboards)

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