The Ducks / Take Me Down to the Sun - Live in Concert 1977


Released 23.08.2019
Discography Live
Venue Santa Cruz
Venue Date 22.Aug.1977
Format LP
Label Laser Media
A1. Gypsy Wedding [Live] (0:00)
A2. Slow Down [Live] (0:00)
A3. Sail Away [Live] (0:00)
A4. Take Me Down to the Sun [Live] (0:00)
A5. Do Me Right [Live] (0:00)
A6. Cryin Eyes [Live] (0:00)
B1. Love You Forever [Live] (0:00)
B2. Younger Days [Live] (0:00)
B3. Silver Wings [Live] (0:00)
B4. Little Wing [Live] (0:00)
B5. My, My, My [Live] (0:00)
B6. Gone Dead Train [Live] (0:00)
Album ID 3.016

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