Joe Bonamassa / Had to Cry Today


Released 24.08.2004
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Provogue
A1. Never Make Your Move Too Soon (4:06)
(#/Will Jennings/Stix Hooper)
A2. Travellin' South (3:51)
(#/Gwendolyn Collins)
A3. Junction 61 [Instrumental] (0:49)
(Joe Bonamassa)
A4. Reconsider Baby (6:53)
(#/Lowell Fulson)
A5. Around the Bend (5:12)
(#/Will Jennings/Joe Bonamassa)
A6. Revenge of the 10 Gallon Hat (2:54)
(#/Joe Bonamassa)
B1. When She Dances (4:54)
(#/Will Jennings/Joe Bonamassa)
B2. Had to Cry Today (6:50)
(#/Steve Winwood)
B3. The River (5:30)
(#/Joe Bonamassa/Bob Held)
B4. When the Sun Goes Down (2:45)
(#/Will Jennings/Joe Bonamassa)
B5. Faux Mantini [Instrumental] (2:27)
(Joe Bonamassa)
Album ID 3.016
Production Bob Held (Producer)
Band Member Joe Bonamassa (Guitar/Vocals); Eric Czar (Bass Guitar); Kenny Kramme (Drums & Percussion)
Guest Musician Jon Paris (Harmonica); Benny Harrison (Organ)

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