Jackson Browne / Standing in the Breach


Released 07.10.2014
Discography 14th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Inside Recordings
Standing in the Breach (Disc 1)
A1. The Birds of St. Marks (4:22)
(#/Jackson Browne)
A2. Yeah Yeah (6:14)
(#/Jackson Browne)
A3. The Long Way Around (6:24)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B1. Leaving Winslow (3:52)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B2. If I Could Be Anywhere (7:07)
(#/Jackson Browne)
Standing in the Breach (Disc 2)
A1. You Know the Night (5:31)
(#/Jackson Browne/Woodie Guthrie)
A2. Walls and Doors (6:01)
(#/Jackson Browne/Carlos Varela)
B1. Which Side? (6:37)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B2. Standing in the Breach (5:37)
(#/Jackson Browne)
B3. Here (4:25)
(#/Jackson Browne)
Album ID 3.009
Production Jackson Browne (Producer); Paul Dieter (Producer)
Band Member Jackson Browne (Guitar/Piano); Bob Glaub (Bass Guitar); Val McCallum (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Greg Leisz (Steel-Guitar); Griffin Goldsmith (Drums & Percussion); Taylor Goldsmith (Bass Guitar); Mauricio Fritz Lewak (Drums & Percussion); Kevin McCormick (Bass Guitar)

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