Keith Emerson; Terje Mikkelsen / Beyond the Stars


Released 02.11.2018
Format LP
Label Simax Classics
A1. Toccata Con Fuoco [Instrumental] (7:52)
(Keith Emerson)
A2. Beyond the Stars [Instrumental] (5:43)
(Keith Emerson)
A3. Glorietta Pass [Instrumental] (4:16)
(Keith Emerson)
A4. The Dreamer [Instrumental] (3:12)
(Keith Emerson)
B1. Malambo, Op. 7 [Instrumental] (4:03)
(Alberto Ginastera)
B2. The Mourning Sun [Instrumental] (2:57)
(Marc Bonilla)
B3. After All of This [Instrumental] (4:15)
(Keith Emerson)
B4. Walking Distance [Instrumental] (3:48)
(Marc Bonilla)
B5. Fanfare for the Common Man [Instrumental] (5:10)
(Aaron Copland)
Album ID 2.978
Production Torsten Schreier (Producer); Marc Bonilla (Producer)
Studio München, Bavaria Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member The Academy of St. Martin-In-The-Fields (Orchestra); Keith Emerson (Piano); Troy Luccketta (Drums & Percussion); Travis Davis (Bass Guitar); Marc Bonilla (Guitar)
Guest Musician Rachel Flowers (Piano); Ethan Emerson (Piano)

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