The Who / Who


Released 06.12.2019
Discography 12th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Polydor
Who (LP1 Blue)
A1. All This Music Must Fade (3:20)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A2. Ball and Chain (4:30)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A3. Don't Wanna Get Wise (3:55)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B1. Detour (3:47)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B2. Beads on One String (3:40)
(#/Pete Townshend/Josh Hunsacker)
B3. Hero Ground Zero (4:53)
(#/Pete Townshend)
Who (LP2 White)
A1. Street Song (4:48)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A2. I'll Be Back (5:02)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B1. Break the News (4:30)
(#/Simon Townshend)
B2. Rockin' In Rage (4:05)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B3. She Rocked My World (3:23)
(#/Pete Townshend)
Who (Disc 3)
A1. Sand (Demo) (0:00)
(Pete Townshend)
Album ID 2.973
Production Pete Townshend (Producer); David Sardy (Producer)
Studio London, British Grove Studios (Recording Location); London, Metropolis Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Roger Daltrey (Vocals/Harmonica); Pete Townshend (Guitar-Electric); Zak Starkey (Drums & Percussion); Pino Palladino (Bass Guitar)

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