Rick Wakeman with London Symphony Orchestra; The English Chamber Choir / Journey to the Centre of the Earth


Released 03.05.1974
Discography Live
Venue London, Royal Festival Hall
Venue Date 18/19.Jan.1974
Format LP
Label A&M Records
A1. The Journey [Live] (12:42)
(#/Rick Wakeman)
A2. Recollection [Live] (8:12)
(#/Rick Wakeman)
B1. The Battle [Live] (8:51)
(#/Rick Wakeman)
B2. The Forest [Live] (10:11)
(#/Rick Wakeman)
Album ID 2.967
Production Rick Wakeman (Producer)
Studio Mobile Studio, Ronnie Lane's (Recording Location)
Band Member Rick Wakeman (Keyboards)

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