The Nice / Nice


Released 08.1969
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Immediate
A1. Azreal Revisited (5:52)
(#/Keith Emerson/Lee Jackson)
A2. Hang on to a Dream (4:46)
(#/Tim Hardin)
A3. Diary of an Empty Day (3:54)
(#/Keith Emerson/Lee Jackson)
A4. For Example (8:51)
(Keith Emerson/Lee Jackson)
B1. Rondo '69' [Live/Instrumental] (7:53)
(Keith Emerson/Lee Jackson/David O'List/Brian Davison/Dave Brubeck)
B2. She Belongs to Me [Live] (12:15)
(#/Bob Dylan)
Album ID 2.947
Production Keith Emerson (Producer); Lee Jackson (Producer); Brian Davison (Producer)
Studio London, Trident Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Keith Emerson (Keyboards-Various); Lee Jackson (Bass Guitar/Vocals); Brian Davison (Drums & Percussion)

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