Brian Auger; Julie Driscoll & The Trinity / Open


Released 1976
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Polydor
A1. In and Out [Instrumental] (2:56)
(Brian Auger)
A2. Isola Natale [Instrumental] (5:17)
(Brian Auger)
A3. Black Cat (3:17)
(Brian Auger)
A4. Lament for Miss Baker [Instrumental] (2:31)
(Brian Auger)
A5. Goodbye Jungle Telegraph [Instrumental] (6:05)
(Brian Auger)
B1. Tramp (4:01)
(#/Lowell Fulson/Jimmy McCracklin)
B2. Why (Am I Treated So Bad) (3:25)
B3. A Kind of Love in (2:28)
(Brian Auger/Julie Driscoll)
B4. Break it Up (2:55)
(#/Brian Auger/Roger Sutton)
B5. Season of the Witch (7:40)
Album ID 2.925

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