Roger Chapman / The Shadow Knows


Released 1984
Discography 05th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Instant Records
A1. Busted Loose (4:45)
(#/Paul Brady)
A2. Leader of Men (5:15)
(#/Roger Chapman)
A3. Ready to Roll (5:54)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
A4. I Think of You Now (5:11)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
B1. Sitting Up Pretty (4:41)
(#/Roger Chapman/Geoff Whitehorn)
B2. How How How (5:41)
(#/Roger Chapman)
B3. Only Love is in the Red (4:26)
(#/Roger Chapman/Poli Palmer)
B4. Sweet Vanilla (3:56)
(#/Roger Chapman)
B5. I'm a Good Boy Now (2:34)
(#/Roger Chapman)
Album ID 2.910
Production Roger Chapman (Producer); Geoff Whitehorn (Producer)
Studio London, The Workhouse, Old Kent Road (Recording Location)
Band Member Roger Chapman (Vocals); Geoff Whitehorn (Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals-Backing); Brian Johnston (Keyboards); Nick Pentelow (Saxophone); Tony Stevens (Bass Guitar); John Lingwood (Drums & Percussion)

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