Fish / A Parley with Angels


Released 2018
Format EP
Label Chocolate Frogs
1. Man with a Stick (6:30)
(#/Fish/Steve Vantsis/Robin Boult)
2. Little Man What Now (10:53)
(#/Fish/Steve Vantsis/Robin Boult)
3. Waverly Steps (13:39)
(#/Fish/Steve Vantsis/Robin Boult)
4. Circle Line [Live] (5:26)
(#/Fish/Steve Vantsis)
5. State of Mind [Live] (7:11)
(#/Fish/Mickey Simmonds)
6. The Voyeur [Live] (4:46)
(#/Fish/Mickey Simmonds)
7. Emperor's Song [Live] (6:10)
(#/Fish/Robin Boult/James Cassady)
Album ID 2.901
Studio Haddington, East Lothian, The Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Fish (Vocals); Steve Vantsis (Bass Guitar); Robin Boult (Guitar); Foss Paterson (Keyboards); Dave Stewart (2) (Drums & Percussion); Doris Brendel (Vocals-Backing); John Beck (Keyboards); Gavin Griffiths (Drums & Percussion)

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