Yes / Time and a Word


Released 24.07.1970
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Atlantic
A1. No Experience Necessary (4:49)
(#/Richie Havens)
A2. Then (5:45)
(#/Jon Anderson)
A3. Everydays (5:52)
(#/Stephen Stills)
A4. Sweet Dreams (3:46)
(#/Jon Anderson/David Foster)
B1. Dear Father (4:13)
(#/Jon Anderson/Chris Squire)
B2. Astral Traveller (5:53)
(#/Jon Anderson)
B3. Clear Days (2:06)
(#/Jon Anderson)
B4. Time and a Word (4:30)
(#/Jon Anderson/David Foster)
B5. The Prophet [Bonus] (6:34)
B6. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed [Original Mix - Bonus] (4:42)
Album ID 2.894
Production Tony Colton (Producer)
Studio London, Advision Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Jon Anderson (Vocals/Guitar); Bill Bruford (Drums & Percussion); Chris Squire (Bass Guitar); Tony Kaye (Piano/Keyboards)
Guest Musician David Foster (Guitar)

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