Janis Joplin / Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969


Released 13.04.2019
Discography Live
Venue Woodstock, N. Y.
Venue Date 17.Aug.1969
Format 2 LP
Label Columbia
Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 (Disc 1)
A1. Raise Your Hand [Live] (5:31)
(#/Eddie Floyd/Steve Cropper/Alvertis Isbell)
A2. As Good as You've Been to This World [Live] (6:25)
(#/Nick Gravenites)
A3. To Love Somebody [Live] (5:17)
(#/Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
B1. Summertime [Live] (5:05)
(#/George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin/Dubose Heyward/Dorothy Heyward)
B2. Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) [Live] (5:13)
(#/Jerry Ragovoy/Chip Taylor)
B3. Kozmic Blues [Live] (4:57)
(#/Janis Joplin/Gabriel Mekler)
Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 (Disc 2)
A1. Can't Turn You Loose [Live] (4:25)
(Otis Redding)
A2. Work Me, Lord [Live] (8:43)
(#/Nick Gravenites)
B1. Piece of My Heart [Live] (4:57)
(#/Jerry Ragovoy/Bert Berns)
B2. Ball and Chain [Live] (7:43)
(#/Big Mama Thornton)
Album ID 2.881

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