Alice Cooper / Easy Action


Released 27.03.1970
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label Warner Bros.
A1. Mr. And Misdemenour (3:20)
(#/Alice Cooper)
A2. Shoe Salesman (2:33)
(#/Alice Cooper)
A3. Still No Air (2:30)
(#/Alice Cooper)
A4. Below Yor Means (6:50)
(#/Alice Cooper)
B1. Return of the Spiders (4:25)
(#/Alice Cooper)
B2. Laughing at Me (2:16)
(#/Alice Cooper)
B3. Refrigerator Heaven (2:17)
(#/Alice Cooper)
B4. Beautiful Flyaway (3:00)
(#/Alice Cooper)
B5. Lat Down an Die, Goodbye (7:30)
(#/Alice Cooper)
Album ID 2.874
Production David Briggs (Producer)
Studio Los Angeles, Sunwest Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Alice Cooper (Vocals); Glen Buxton (Guitar); Michael Bruce (Piano/Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Dennis Dunaway (Bass Guitar); Neal Smith (Drums & Percussion)

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