Osibisa / Osibisa


Released 1971
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label MCA
A1. The Dawn (7:24)
(Teddy Osei/Sol Amarfio)
A2. Music for Gong-Gong (4:19)
(Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh)
A3. Ayiko Bia (7:52)
(Teddy Osei)
B1. Akwaaba (5:27)
(Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh)
B2. Oranges (4:43)
(Teddy Osei)
B3. Phallus C (7:15)
(Spartacus R)
B4. Think About the People (4:36)
(Teddy Osei/Sol Amarfio/Mac Tontoh/Spartacus R/Wendell Richardson/Robert Bailey/Loughty Lasisi Amao)
Album ID 2.860
Production Tony Visconti (Producer)
Studio London, Air Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Teddy Osei (Saxophone/Vocals/Flute); Sol Amarfio (Drums & Percussion); Mac Tontoh (Trumpet); Spartacus R (Bass Guitar/Vocals/Percussion); Wendell Richardson (Guitar/Vocals); Robert Bailey (Organ/Piano/Vocals/Timpani); Loughty Lasisi Amao (Saxophone/Percussion)

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