Pete Townshend / All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes


Released 14.06.1982
Discography 03rd Studio Album
Format LP
Label ATCO
A1. Stop Hurting People (3:55)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A2. The Sea Refuses No River (5:54)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A3. Prelude (1:32)
(#/Pete Townshend/Andy Newman)
A4. Face Dances Part Two (3:25)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A5. Exquisitely Bored (3:41)
(#/Pete Townshend)
A6. Communication (3:19)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B1. Stardom in Acton (3:42)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B2. Uniforms (3:43)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B3. North Country Girl (2:27)
B4. Somebody Saved Me (4:52)
(#/Pete Townshend)
B5. Slit Skirts (4:50)
(#/Pete Townshend)
Album ID 2.837
Production Chris Thomas (Producer)
Band Member Pete Townshend (Vocals/Guitar/Synthesizer); Tony Butler (Bass Guitar); Peter Hope-Evans (Harmonica); Mark Brzezicki (Drums & Percussion); Simon Phillips (Drums & Percussion); Jody Linscott (Percussion); Chris Stainton (Keyboards); Poli Palmer (Percussion); Virginia Astley (Piano)

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