Yes / Union


Released 30.04.1991
Discography 13th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Arista
A1. I Would Have Waited Forever (6:33)
(#/Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Jonathan Elias)
A2. Shock to the System (5:08)
(#/Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Jonathan Elias)
A3. Masquerade [Instrumental] (2:17)
(Steve Howe)
A4. Lift Me Up (6:30)
(#/Trevor Rabin/Chris Squire)
A5. Without Hope You Cannot Start the Day (5:18)
(#/Jon Anderson/Jonathan Elias)
A6. Saving My Heart (4:41)
(#/Trevor Rabin)
B1. Miracle of Life (7:30)
(#/Trevor Rabin/Mark Mancina)
B2. Silent Talking (4:00)
(#/Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Jonathan Elias/Rick Wakeman/Bill Bruford)
B3. The More We Live - Let Go (4:54)
(#/Chris Squire/Billy Sherwood)
B4. Dangerous (Look in the Light of What You're Searching for) (3:38)
(#/Jon Anderson/Jonathan Elias)
B5. Holding on (5:24)
(#/Jon Anderson/Steve Howe/Jonathan Elias)
B6. Evensong [Instrumental] (0:51)
(Bill Bruford/Tony Levin)
B7. Take the Water to the Mountain (3:12)
(#/Jon Anderson)
Album ID 2.825
Production Jonathan Elias (Producer); Steve Howe (Producer)
Band Member Jon Anderson (Vocals); Steve Howe (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Rick Wakeman (Keyboards-Various/Keyboards); Bill Bruford (Drums & Percussion); Tony Levin (Bass Guitar); Tony Kaye (Vocals-Backing/Keyboards); Trevor Rabin (Guitar/Vocals); Chris Squire (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing/Vocals); Alan White (Drums & Percussion)

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