Antimatter / The Judas Table


Released 05.10.2015
Discography 06th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Prophecy
The Judas Table (LP 1)
A1. Black Eyed Man (6:24)
(#/Mick Moss)
A2. Killer (5:37)
(#/Mick Moss)
A3. Comrades (4:58)
(#/Mick Moss)
B1. Stillborn Empires (2:45)
(#/Mick Moss)
B2. Little Piggy (5:03)
(#/Mick Moss)
B3. Hole (6:07)
(#/Mick Moss)
The Judas Table (LP 2)
A1. Can of Worms (5:14)
(#/Mick Moss)
A2. Integrity (6:45)
(#/Mick Moss)
A3. The Judas Table (7:21)
(#/Mick Moss)
A4. Goodbye (2:32)
(#/Mick Moss)
Album ID 2.817
Production Mick Moss (Producer)
Studio Liverpool, Wyresdale Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Mick Moss (Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar); Steven Hughes (Bass Guitar); Rachel Brewster (Violin); Liam Edwards (Drums & Percussion); Jenny O'Connor (Vocals-Backing)

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