Baker Gurvitz Army / The Baker Gurvitz Army


Released 1974
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Janus Records
A1. Help Me (4:36)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz)
A2. Love is [Instrumental] (2:47)
(Adrian Gurvitz)
A3. Memory Lane (4:46)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz/Ginger Baker)
A4. Inside of Me (5:33)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz)
A5. I Wanna Live Again (4:22)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz/Ginger Baker/Paul Gurvitz)
B1. Mad Jack (7:54)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz/Ginger Baker)
B2. 4 Phil [Instrumental] (4:25)
(Adrian Gurvitz/Ginger Baker/Paul Gurvitz)
B3. Since Beginning (8:05)
(#/Adrian Gurvitz)
Album ID 2.805
Production Ginger Baker (Producer); Adrian Gurvitz (Producer)
Studio London, Ramport and Scorpio Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Ginger Baker (Drums & Percussion/Vocals); Adrian Gurvitz (Piano/Guitar); Paul Gurvitz (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); John Norman Mitchell (Vocals/Keyboards)

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