Fleetwood Mac / Penguin


Released 03.1973
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Reprise Records
A1. Remember Me (2:41)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
A2. Bright Fire (4:37)
(#/Bob Welch)
A3. Dissatisfied (3:51)
(#/Christine Mcvie)
A4. (I'm A) Road Runner (4:52)
(#/Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward "Eddie" Holland, Jr.)
B1. The Derelect (2:43)
(#/Dave Walker)
B2. Revelation (4:55)
(#/Bob Welch)
B3. Did You Ever Love Me (3:39)
(#/Christine Mcvie/Bob Welch)
B4. Night Watch (6:09)
(#/Bob Welch)
B5. Cought in the Train [Instrumental] (2:35)
(Bob Weston)
Album ID 2.721
Production Martin Birch (Producer)
Studio Rolling Stones Mobile Unit (Recording Location)
Band Member Mick Fleetwood (Drums & Percussion); John McVie (Bass Guitar); Christine Mcvie (Vocals); Bob Welch (Guitar/Vocals); Dave Walker (Vocals/Guitar); Bob Weston (Vocals/Guitar)
Guest Musician Steve Nye (Organ)

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