Neil Young ' Promise Of The Real / The Visitor


Released 05.01.2018
Discography 38th Studio Album
Format 2 LP
Label Reprise Records
The Visitor (LP 1)
A1. Already Great (5:48)
(#/Neil Young)
A2. Fly by Night Deal (2:37)
(#/Neil Young)
A3. Almost Always (4:51)
(#/Neil Young)
A4. Stand Tall (5:13)
(#/Neil Young)
B1. Change of Heart (5:54)
(#/Neil Young)
B2. Carnival (8:21)
(#/Neil Young)
B3. Diggin' A Hole (2:34)
(#/Neil Young)
The Visitor (LP 2)
A1. Children of Destiny (3:25)
(#/Neil Young)
A2. When Bad Got Good (2:00)
(#/Neil Young)
A3. Forever (10:32)
(#/Neil Young)
B1. -Etched- (0:00)
Album ID 2.685
Production Neil Young (Producer); John Hanlon (Producer)
Studio Hollywood, Capitol Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Neil Young (Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Harmonica); Lukas Nelson (Guitar/Vocals); Micah Nelson (Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Corey McCormick (Bass Guitar); Anthony LoGerfo (Drums & Percussion); Tato Melgar (Percussion)

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