Rick Wakeman / The Six Wives of Henry VIII


Released 23.01.1973
Discography 02nd Studio Album
Format LP
Label A&M Records
A1. Catherine of Aragon [Instrumental] (3:45)
(Rick Wakeman)
A2. Anne of Cleves [Instrumental] (7:50)
(Rick Wakeman)
A3. Catherine Howard [Instrumental] (6:36)
(Rick Wakeman)
B1. Jane Seymour [Instrumental] (4:44)
(Rick Wakeman)
B2. Anne Boleyn [Instrumental] (6:31)
(Rick Wakeman/E.J. Hopkins)
B3. Catherine Parr [Instrumental] (7:00)
(Rick Wakeman)
Album ID 268
Production Rick Wakeman (Producer)
Studio London, Trident Studios (Recording Location); London, Morgan Studios (Recording Location)
Band Member Chris Squire (Bass Guitar); Steve Howe (Guitar); Bill Bruford (Drums & Percussion); Alan White (Drums & Percussion)

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