Allman Brothers Band / Reach for the Sky


Released 08.1980
Discography 07th Studio Album
Format LP
Label Arista
A1. Hell and High Water (3:35)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
A2. Mystery Woman (3:32)
(#/Gregg Allman/Dan Toler)
A3. From the Madness of the West [Instrumental] (6:36)
(Richard "Dickey" Betts)
A4. I Got a Right to Be Wrong (3:43)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts)
B1. Angeline (3:41)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts/Johnny Cobb/Mike Lawler)
B2. Famous Last Words (2:45)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts/Bonnie Bramlett)
B3. Keep on Keepin' On (4:08)
(#/Richard "Dickey" Betts/Dan Toler)
B4. So Long (6:55)
(#/Gregg Allman/Dan Toler)
Album ID 2.655
Production Johnny Cobb (Producer); Mike Lawler (Producer)
Studio Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Pyramid Eye Recording Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Gregg Allman (Vocals); Richard "Dickey" Betts (Guitar); Butch Trucks (Drums & Percussion); Jay Johanny "Jaimoe" Johannson (Percussion); David Goldflies (Bass Guitar); Dan Toler (Guitar)

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