Steamhammer / Reflection


Released 03.1969
Discography 01st Studio Album
Format LP
Label Bellaphon
A1. Water (Part1) [Instrumental] (0:51)
(Martin Pugh/Martin Quittenton)
A2. Junior's Wailing (3:29)
(#/Martin Quittenton/Kieran White)
A3. Lost You Too (3:10)
(#/Martin Quittenton/Kieran White)
A4. She is the Fire (3:37)
(#/Kieran White/Martin Quittenton)
A5. You'll Never Know (3:20)
(#/B.B. King)
A6. Even the Clock (4:08)
(#/Martin Quittenton/Kieran White/Berkeley Graham)
B1. Down the Highway (4:23)
(#/Martin Quittenton/Kieran White)
B2. On Your Road (2:58)
(#/Kieran White)
B3. Twenty Four Hours (7:30)
(#/Eddie Boyd)
B4. When All Your Friends Are Gone (3:50)
(#/Martin Quittenton/Kieran White)
B5. Water (Part2) [Instrumental] (1:47)
(Martin Pugh/Martin Quittenton)
B6. Windmill [Bonus] (4:26)
B7. Autum Song [Bonus] (4:11)
Album ID 2.631
Production Michael Vestey (Producer)
Studio London, Pan Sound Studio (Recording Location)
Band Member Kieran White (Vocals/Harmonica); Martin Pugh (Guitar); Steve Davy (Bass Guitar); Martin Quittenton (Guitar); Michael Rushton (Drums & Percussion)

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