It's a Beautiful Day / ...Today


Released 1973
Discography 04th Studio Album
Format LP
Label CBS
A1. Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (3:54)
A2. Child (4:20)
(Fred Webb)
A3. Down on the Bayou (3:18)
(Bud Cockrell)
A4. Watching You, Watching Me (3:13)
(Bud Cockrell)
A5. Mississippi Delta (4:07)
(Bud Cockrell)
B1. Ridin' Thumb (3:34)
(Jimmy Croft)
B2. Time (3:19)
(Fred Webb/Tom Thompson)
B3. Lie to Me (3:30)
(Fred Webb/Robert Lewis)
B4. Burning Low (2:07)
(Fred Webb)
B5. Creator (6:14)
(Bud Cockrell)
Album ID 2.620
Production Paul Baratta (Producer)
Band Member Pattie Santos (Vocals); Fred Webb (Horn/Vocals/Organ/Piano); Bud Cockrell (Vocals/Bass Guitar); Greg Bloch (Violin/Mandolin); Val Fuentes (Drums & Percussion); Bill Gregory (Guitar)

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