Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band / Nine Tonight


Released 09.1981
Discography Live
Venue Boston + Detroit
Venue Date 10.Jun.1980 + 18.Jun.1980
Format 2 LP
Label Capitol
Nine Tonight (LP 1)
A1. Nine Tonight [Live] (5:11)
(#/Bob Seger)
A2. Tryin' to Live My Life Without You [Live] (3:52)
(#/Eugene Williams)
A3. You'll Accomp'ny Me [Live] (3:57)
(#/Bob Seger)
A4. Hollywood Nights [Live] (4:39)
(#/Bob Seger)
B1. Old Time Rock and Roll [Live] (5:04)
(#/George Jackson/Thomas Earl Jones III)
B2. Mainstreet [Live] (3:58)
(#/Bob Seger)
B3. Against the Wind [Live] (5:17)
(#/Bob Seger)
B4. The Fire Down Below [Live] (5:30)
(#/Bob Seger)
Nine Tonight (LP 2)
A1. Her Strut [Live] (3:49)
(#/Bob Seger)
A2. Feel Like a Number [Live] (4:01)
(#/Bob Seger)
A3. Fire Lake [Live] (3:47)
(#/Bob Seger)
A4. Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight [Live] (2:47)
(#/Bob Seger)
A5. We've Got Tonight [Live] (4:39)
(#/Bob Seger)
B1. Night Moves [Live] (5:30)
(#/Bob Seger)
B2. Rock and Roll Never Forgets [Live] (3:35)
(#/Bob Seger)
B3. Let it Rock [Live] (9:48)
(#/Chuck Berry)
Album ID 261
Band Member Bob Seger (Vocals/Guitar/Piano); Drew Abbot (Guitar); Chris Campell (Bass Guitar/Vocals-Backing); Alto Reed (Saxophone/Flute); David Teegarden (Drums & Percussion)

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